It’s Will here with Loopsinworship.com and I’m very excited to write you with an exciting new announcement about a big new change coming to our website. In the coming months Loops in Worship will be merging with MultiTracks.com and I’ll be joining their team. We’ll greater expand our training in all things Ableton as well as provide some more great sounds and samples for Worship.

To give you a little history on how I got here, I started Loops in Worship in 2008 when I was graduating from Liberty University. I had tons of people asking me how I was using loops and Ableton for worship, and at the suggestion of one of my professors I started the website to reach a broader audience. I had no idea what it would become or what it would bring. Today, I’m grateful to say that Loops in Worship has allowed me to connect and serve worship leaders and musicians across the globe. I never imagined that with a little bit of work and an internet connection, I would be able to serve people in churches and make a difference in their worship experience. One of those connections I made was with Phillip Edwards, and the team at MultiTracks.com.  After a few conversations, it was clear we were on the same team and the question became how to make that happen.

MultiTracks truly has a heart to serve the local church beyond just selling a product and make a profit, and Phillip and I quickly realized we’d make a great team. My passion and expertise in training worship leaders on how to use Ableton Live was a natural fit within the MultiTracks environment and I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the content, catalog and customer support the MultiTrack team provides; we realized it would be a great fit.

Through this process, I’ve also become a MultiTracks customer. I instantly saw the huge potential of using stems not only as a supplement, but as a training tool for myself and my team. It’s a great way to grow and take our experience to the next level. Now with Rehearsal Mix, Custom Mix, and other fun things MultiTracks has in the works; I know that Phillip has a heart to innovate and that has been inspiring to see.

So, what’s going to happen to Loops in Worship? I’ll be able to continue to do everything I’m currently doing with Loops in Worship but at a much faster pace and at a larger scale, while working with the leader in MultiTrack & Loop content for the church. I’ll begin to add to the collection of training and blog content on MultiTracks.com and continue to develop my online training courses.

Over the next month, you’ll start to see the LIW brand begin to phase out over the next month. All the relevant and up-to-date content that was originally on Loops in Worship will appear on the MultiTracks site. Some will be refreshed for Live 9 and get a nice face lift on the way over!  You can check out the Elements and Foundations collections that are in the store today!

It’s been an exciting five years with Loops in Worship, and I’m even more excited about what is yet to come!  Be sure to head over to MultiTracks.com and sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And if you want to say hello, feel free to contact me at my new email: will@multitracks.com.

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon!

Will Doggett